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Santa Claus, Indiana was the site of the Hannings and Freyhofers, along with a church assignment for Rev. Weiler and his wife Addie Hanning, all on my mother’s side.


  1. 1816-1830 Abraham Lincoln lived about four miles away as a boy on Pigeon Creek Farm.
  2. 1847 the Hannings settled there and helped named the town.
  3. 1852 The Freyhofers settled there at the invitation of the Hannings
  4. 1854 Theo Hanning cofounded the Santa Claus United Methodist Church
  5. 1862 Henry Freyhofer was buried in Santa Claus, Indiana after succumbing to Typhoid in the civil war.
  6. 1875 Addie Hanning was born in Santa Claus
  7. 1912-1917 Rev. Weiler and wife Addie Hanning moved there to preach in the Santa Claus United Methodist Church, the same church Addie’s grandfather started in 1854.
  8. 1917 Rev. Weiler was accused of being a German sympathizer during WWI by the Postmaster in Dale who sent a letter to the FBI about him.

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