CONTACT ME for password to access/download photos.

Please help by editing captions.

I’d love to add any photos/original documents you have to the collection.


  • Important – please be sure to send a follow up email with identification for each photo including name(s), year, place, circumstance, etc.
  • Remember to send HIGH RESOLUTION images. Call me if you’re not sure how to do this.

Scroll down for links to get to the albums.

There may be repeats between the albums because I compile the albums by searching for a person, so if a photo has multiple people, that photo might be repeated in various albums that pertain to the different families. When you comment on the photo in one album, I’ll update it in all albums.

Click on the thumbnail and you can open the photo larger. The caption is under the photo.

Just click on “Add Comments” and type in your notes/corrections/additions about the photo. I’ll get an email with the info and can then update the caption.

What I want to be sure of is:

  • Correct ID of people !!!!!
  •  Date/place (may be able to determine circa based on who is in photo, especially when there are babies).

And if possible:

  • Context/Event
  • Any other anecdotes regarding the people or place or event

Watch for “unknown” and x and ? in the caption that need to be filled in.

Links to albums

CONTACT ME for password to access/download photos.

WEILERS Includes Freyhofer, Schneider, Hanning, Kellers, Houstons, etc.

WAGNERS Includes Giegerich, Hohmann, Vesper, Hoerer, Funkenbusch, Eckerts, etc.

THORNTON/STRAWSER Includes Strawser, Graham, etc.


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