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Rev. David Elkins and Abraham Lincoln and Spencer County, Indiana

Rev. David Elkins was the brother of my 4th great grandfather (John H. Elkins) on my father's side of my family tree. David was born about 1779 in Montgomery County, Virginia, where most of my father's ancestors lived for generations. Around the year 1800, when he was about 21, David…
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Bill Russell

Bill Russell, Cosimo Matassa, and the Musical Culture of the French Quarter

February 03, 2016 Robert Ticknor, reference assistant, The Historic New Orleans Collection ... Russell, born in 1905 in Canton, Missouri, became an indefatigable jazz-record collector after he found a Jelly Roll Morton record that one of his students had left in the classroom at the school on Staten Island where…
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Bill Russell’s Explorations Of The Origins Of Jazz

Published in Offbeat Magazine MARCH 1, 1996by: JASON BERRY1 COMMENT 1 When The Outspoken Jazz Documentarian Died, Much History Died With Him. But He Left Behind Enough To Keep Historian Arguing For A Very Long Time. Editor’s Note: This is the second installment of Jason Berry’s continuing series on the history…
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