I remember one night while on duty as officer of the guard, tattoo had sounded, I discovered a light in their quarters. The first notes of taps was sounded, I approached silently to discover the reason. I expected to find that the inmates were engaged in a quiet game of “Old Sledge,” but as I got near the tent I heard singing in a low subdued tone. I listened, they were singing in German. It was Fryhofer, Hermann, and Alinger. I knew the hymn by the tune: “I am a soldier of the cross, a follower of the lamb. And shall I fear to own his cause, or blush to speak his name.”

The singing ceased, and they got up on their knees, Fryhofer prayed; they kissed each other and laid down to sleep. I silently withdrew. I then felt I had in my company at least three true soldiers. In a few days Fryhofer was taken sick and died.

Col. Tom J. Jackson, My Experience, The Evening Kansan, April 12, 1893

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