I am writing you now to let you know how I am getting along since I returned from my visit with you. On Sept. 22 I had to go to the hospital and Sept. 30 I had to undergo an operation. I was rather surprised for the doctor had not told me beforehand that I would have to have another operation. All I thought was that he would give me some treatments. But all went off well. On Okt. 4 I returned home after spending five days in the hospital. That cost me $98.00 and antiseptics $30.00, a total of $128.00. With such bills savings melt away very quickly, and I hope that this will be the last time for me in the hospital. The first week Bertha brought me my meals to my home and Eugene kept the house warm for me. Now I can help myself again. I feel good again and eat well and sleep well.

I was rather worried about the doctor’s bill of $200, how I could meet the payments. I called again on the doctor and then I told him how I was situated financially, that my income through social security was $38.40 a month and that I would be willing to pay it off in payments of $10.00 month. He asked me if that was my total income and I told him, it was. Then he said to me, “Don’t you need that yourself for your living?” I said, why Yes, I can use it, but I may get along with ten dollars less. He looked at me and said, “Forget about my service; I am not going to charge you anything.” There are still some man who have a heart for their fellowmen.

Christian Keller, 1952, in a letter to his brother-in-law Rev. William Weiler

(Christian came to America with his wife Maria Weiler on the same boat as Maria’s brother Rev. William Weiler. Rev. Weiler sent him $50 in response to his letter.)

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