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First Names

I noticed that people's first names often changed throughout their lives. Here are a few I've extracted. Danie Mathilda Hanning is first called Matilda in the census when she's 6 months old. 10 years later she is called Maudana. Most other records called her Danie. Johanne "Lenora" "Caroline" Christiane Hanning…
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Interesting Tidbits


As I go through the documents and photos, I have made various observations: None of the photos ever show the women pregnant, and yet most were pregnant most of their lives. In the few photos that show hands, married people often don't have wedding rings. I noticed this in photos…
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Addie’s Duck

This incident happened at the home of Addie Hanning Weiler when she lived alone in Loveland, OH, after her husband, Rev. William Weiler had passed away. It was the custom of the Paul Weiler family to visit her regularly almost every week. This was to do her weekly grocery shopping…
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