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These are the Raw unedited videos from the Super 8 Transfer. There is no sound or captions. The number corresponds to the DVD/chapter.

It takes hours to upload each one, so as they finish I’ll post and email out. If it doesn’t have a link, I’m still uploading.

My next task will be to edit like scenes together (like all the Chatauqua Lake footage)

Here’s a link to the folder that contains all the videos, or click on individual links below.

Please email me with details / memories / stories about these. I will add your notes here. Your comments will help me assemble and edit future videos.

1-1a Wagner Family vacation in New York City, 1955.

Homer, Louise, Lois, Elly, and Paul. I believe Lois is filming. Lots of shots of the city including the Empire State building, UN, Statue of Liberty, etc.

Time: 13 minutes

1-1b Wagner kids playing at West Pike Street home, 1955.

  • Paul, Willie and Tippy the dog. Elly showing off a new dress. This was on the same reel as the NYC trip.

Time: 2 minutes

AYH Outings – Lois, Paul, Fred Mauk, Harry Ruhl. ca. 1957

Reel 1-2 hiking, ice skating, hanging out at the AYH headquarters in Pittsburgh. Lois (12 minutes)

Reel 2-7 Pittsburgh Aviary, Lancaster County bike ride, AYH building (Lois) (3 minutes 44 sec)

Reel 2-16 Lois and friends day at Lee’s farm near Butler PA. Fred in red. Lee had sister Diana. Harry Ruhl loading canoe onto his car. AYH headquarters. Heading out to canoe the upper Allegheny before Kinzua Dam flooded valley. Construction began in 1960. Canoe stopover. Snake. Beagle. Little kid playing Indian. (4 minutes)

1-3 Paul, Lois and Fred Mauk AYH 1956

  • Paul. Fred Mauk getting ready with group for hike (AYH)
  • Boat / Lake.
  • Paul waiting while everyone gets their bikes ready for AYH bike trip
  • Feeding pet raccoon somewhere
  • Lois at rest stop.
  • River Museum. Paul. Wellsville, Ohio.
  • Lois on slide, and Paul
  • Square dancing (dark) maybe Camp Corondawana.
  • Lois at AYH Building in Pittsburgh. Fred Mauk in plaid shirt

Time: 14m36s

1-4 Assorted Wagner Family activities and Cynthia Ward Houston’s Wedding 1956

Lick Hollow Park, Houston flood, Eleanor’s cat, Youghiogheny Dam, Somerfield Lake, Cynthia’s wedding – includes Rev. Weiler and Addie Hanning Weiler and other Weiler relatives.

Time: 10 minutes

  • Paul pushing Willie on swing. Louise, Paul and Willie exploring stream – Lick Hollow Park picnic and exploring. 8/56
  • Houston Flood
  • Elly’s white kitten in yard at Houston, PA, West Pike Street
  • Boat ride on lake – Paul driving an outboard motor boat on Somerfield lake?
  • Picnic and swimming – Paul and Willie hanging out along the water, Paul jumping in and swimming
  • Helicopter about to take off and Willie running around looking at it.
  • Cynthia’s Wedding:
    Outside motel – Paul and Willie all dressed up ready to go to wedding
    Outside church, people coming out.  Aunt Ophelia. Cynthia and Don come out and brides maids throw rice.
    Wedding party hanging out. Rodney walking around with camera. Danny eating.
    Inside after wedding: Cynthia and Don opening gifts. Ophelia looking on. Grandma Addie Weiler looking on.
    Wedding party hanging out around car. Elly, Paul.
    Grandma Weiler
    Willie playing with a dog
    Setting up for a photo shoot. Louise, Homer,  Oscar and wife, Rev. Weiler, Addie Hanning, Ophelia, Willie and others
    Rev. Weiler, Oscar and wife, Willie, Louise, Addie, Ophelia
    Rev. Weiler. Seeing people off in car.
  • Willie riding kiddie train at some amusement park.

1-5 Sailboat with Fred Mauk, AYH outing around Pittsburgh 1957

  • Sailboat with Fred Mauk or Paul (see other video with same scene)
  • Lois filming AYH outing Dowtown Pittsburgh, street car, point bridge, point block house, Southside, On Mt. Washington, Aviary

Time: 7m28s

1-6 Homer and Louise do Europe 1956

Homer and Louise’s trip to Europe on 3 large reels. Homer was an electrical engineer. Homer’s company sent him there for a conference, and he got them to pay for Louise to come with him and then they stayed after the conference and toured Europe. The company paid for the whole trip for both of them. Those were the days.

  • Reel No. 1: Paris. Holland. Germany – includes Weiler relatives in Plochingen and a Rhein boat trip.
  • Reel No. 2: Italy – Venice, Rome – Pope Pius XII waving from his window at St. Peter’s Square. Louise sunbathing on the beach on the Italian Riviera.
  • Reel No. 3: Switzerland – Alps and Mt. Pilatus. London. Cruise ship to home. NYC harbor. La Guardia airport / flight home to Pittsburgh. Getting off the plane on tarmac.

Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

2-2 Wagner Family miscellaneous 1956

  • Jamonville – Elly, Louise, Willie hanging out on the hill under the cross. Jamonville is a United Methodist camping and retreat center located in Fayette County, Pennsylvania near Uniontown, famous for its 60-foot-tall cross
  • St. Lawrence waterway model (very dark)
  • 310 W. Pike Street back yard – Garage, car. Taken from the upstairs window of W. Pike Street.
  • Chicago – Elly, Willie, Louise, Paul – Outside of museum.
  • Canton Dam and Lock – Elly, Paul, Willie
  • Paul with Whirly toy
  • Willie on tire swing – Canton?

Time: 3m49s

2-3 Montreal 1957, Seneca Lake – Jean, Lois and Eleanor

  • Montreal, St. James United Church
  • Christ Church Cathedral
  • Seneca Lake, NY – Willie, Paul, Lois – Paul and Willie goofing around by water. Lois sunbathing with ?. Willie putting on life jacket and goes for boat ride with Paul. In boat with Willie and ?.
  • Waterskiing.
  • Seneca Lake is the largest of the glacial Finger Lakes of the U.S. state of New York, and the deepest lake entirely within the state.

Time: 3m45s

2-6 Paul and Fred sailboat

  • Paul and Fred’s sailboat
  • Paul eating chips
  • Paul and Fred Mauk assembling sailboat.

Time: 2m19s

2-4 Chataqua Lake / Camp Ronocco 1957

Weiler family reunion

  • Homer Wagner pulls up in boat loaded with kids. Rev. Weiler sitting on dock. Lots of other family around.
  • Ophelia, Louise, Elly, Willie – Wading around in water around dock.
  • Lois, Louise, Ophelia, Rev. Weiler – Lois in nice dress. Lots of family. Elly and her white kitten.

Time: 3m45s

2-5 Canton, Missouri 1957, Cub Scout picnic

  • Canton/Quincy Ferry – Grandpa Wagner, Paul, Willie, Louise. Going across the Mississippi river on the ferry with Grandpa Wagner at Canton.
  • Canton Dam
  • Cub Scout picnic – Louise grilling. Louise with girls and dog. Willie

Time: 3m45s

2-8 Scoutarama and Paul sailboarding

  • Scoutarama. Most of it reel. Pack 76, Houston PA Cub Scouts
  • Paul on sailboard Last few seconds of reel (?Lake Chataqua)

Time: 3m48s

2-9 Paul sailboat, Matchbox cars, Willie Halloween 1958

  • Louise standing on dock watching Paul in little sailboat
  • Paul taking girl out in sailboat
  • Willie, Louise taking a ride in a motor boat
  • Cub Scouts Scoutarama matchbox racing cars – Willie
  • Halloween costume – Willie? dressed as Reddy Kilowatt lightbulb. West Pike Street.

Time: 3m45s

2-13 Lake Chataqua 1958

  • Paul and Willie setting up sailfish. Louise takes a seat to watch. Paul heads out to sail
  • Willie with Bill and Mary? heading out in motor boat for some waterskiing
  • Atwood Lake – Sailboat race

Time: 3m52s

2-14 Cheat Lake Louise and Diana ca 1971

  • Cheat Lake / Sunset Beach Marina
  • waterskiing
  • Shasta trailer. Unknown. Shasta trailer
  • Diana. Picnic at cheat lake
  • Louise
  • Diana and other kids swimming with life jackets on. Not sure who woman is.
  • Water skiing
  • Diana wwimming
  • Louise lounging.  Don and Sarah Rohr (friends of family)
  • Diana at dock to grandpa’s boat

Time: 4m7s

2-18 Elly graduates from college. Atlantic City

  • Wooster College, Ohio
  • Lois at Elly’s graduation
  • Atlantic City waterfront Louise on boat ride

Time: 4m23s

2-19 Arnold and Jane Wagner Henry Clay Furnace 1968

Cheat Lake September 1968

  • Arnold Wagner climbing ladder
  • Henry Clay Furnace. Louise, Arnold, Jane, Don and Sarah Rohrer. Homer filming. Cooper’s Rock State Forest

Time: 2 minutes

2-20 Ellie’s billygoat puppets

  • With cat cameo, 1963?

Time: 3 minutes

2-10/11 Girl Scout rally, Elly HS graduation 1959

  • Lois playing guitar and singing
  • Washington DC / Elly’s graduation – 1959
  • Scout concert Elly singing on stage with others
  • Washington DC Jeff memorial, cherry blossoms, Washington memorial.
  • Homer
  • Elly’s graduation Canonsburg High School

Time: 7m35s

2-23 Louise at Cheat Lake

  • Unknown kid getting strapped into life jacket by unknown woman on grandpa’s boat
  • Louise.
  • waterskiing
  • Unknown people at cheat lake trailer site
  • Louise at trailer

Time: 4m27s

3-1 Cheat Lake 1969/1970

Diana, Louise, Chris, Will. Homer’s boat

  • Cheat Lake – chris, will and friends
  • Diana at lake with grandma Louise. 1969
  • Chris At cheat lake with friends. Sunset beach marina. Shot from the driveway of trailer site looking across the road to marina. Fall 1969
  • Chris – Sea plane at the marina
  • Chris – Homer’s boat
  • Chris- Heading out for a boat ride.
  • Will, Chris. boat ride
  • Diana, Louise. Playing with wagon and bow and arrow at cheat lake. On dock at marina. March 1970

Time: 4m7s

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