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I discovered this original typed manuscript in the Radford, VA library.

It is a delightful memoir of a lost time and place by a former resident of Snowville in the Appalachian mountains of southwest Virginia written in 1931. My ancestors lived there during this time. Cousin Mark Francis gave me a nice tour of the Snowville area a few weeks ago (2016), and even though the town is only a few buildings now, the area is still full of farms and beautiful countryside.

The manuscript describes life in Snowville from its founding by Asial Snow in the 1830s, through the Civil War, and beyond.

I was able to scan it and then I translated the text, added images, and
inserted excerpts from another book about Snowville by Louise Allison.


DOWNLOAD illustrated transcribed version of Historical Sketch of Snowville, Virginia by W.R. Hundley PDF


DOWNLOAD scan of original Historical Sketch of Snowville, Virginia by W.R. Hundley PDF 


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