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In 2016 I visited the graves of my great great grandparents GJ Thornton and Maggie Boothe. They are buried in the Graham-Thornton Cemetery near Snowville in Pulaski County, Virginia. 

The Graham-Thornton Cemetery has 32 identified burials between 1912 to 1979 spanning 4 generations of Grahams and Thorntons. All but one buried here are directly related to both the Thorntons and Grahams by blood or marriage. The Thorntons descend from GJ Thornton and Maggie Boothe. The Grahams descend from Robert Graham and Rachel Delaney.

This chapter explores the intertwined relationships among everyone buried there and provides a little more info about each person, including photos and maps.

Update: 12/13/2018: It never fails – as soon as I post a chapter, I find more important information that MUST get included. This time, I found a court case about the property before GJ purchased it. It was owned by Nelson Branch who lost it in bankruptcy. GJ’s son Stephen bought it but lost it cause he didn’t finish paying for it. Dexter Snow (the founder of Snowville) bought it and then GJ bought it back from him. 

THEN I discovered a wonderful PDF written by Alice Gander, great great granddaughter of Nelson Branch. It includes some interesting stories told by her grandmother about what was going on on the property during the civil war, which of course I had to add.

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