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Early History of Snowville by Louise B. Allison

(Transcribed by Rhonda F. Smith 9/2000) DOWNLOAD scan of Early History of Snowville by Louise Allison PDF This appeared in the Pulaski County Genealogy Club newsletter in October 2000 In order to obtain materials relative to the founding and early development of Snowville, a survey of the community was made.…
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Neat Photos

Christmas Past

PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR MEMORIES AND PHOTOS OF CHRISTMAS WHEN YOU WERE A KID OR OLD PICS FROM YOUR PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS FOR THE ONLINE COLLECTION. My Wagner family sure knew how to do Christmas. There was always a tree, lots of presents, and usually a model train set at my grandparents…
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Frederick Vesper

Frederick Vesper was my 3x great grandfather. He immigrated from Munden, Germany in 1846 at the age of 26, arriving at New Orleans. He settled in Canton, Missouri, where he farmed and lived the rest of his life. DOWNLOAD "Frederick Vesper" PDF
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