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As I entered names on my Thornton side, I noticed a few Boones popping up. They weren’t in my direct line, so I made a mental note and moved on. My ancestors came from Southwest Virginia, not that far from North Carolina. So I knew it was possible, even likely.

But when I started entering the name Bertelot for my direct ancestors, I started paying a little more attention. Daniel Boone lived near Bertelots in Pennsylvania. Indeed, my 8th great grandfather Jean Bertelot lived just down the road from the Boones, and one of his great grand sons married a Boone (I’m sure there were more, but I haven’t finished my research).

Then, as I was entering information about another line of cousins, I discovered another Boone connection born in North Carolina living at the same time as Daniel, and probably knew/knew of him.

So I know they were at least neightbors and inlaws. I’ll update this as I learn more.

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