This incident happened at the home of Addie Hanning Weiler when she lived alone in Loveland, OH, after her husband, Rev. William Weiler had passed away. It was the custom of the Paul Weiler family to visit her regularly almost every week. This was to do her weekly grocery shopping and see what else might be needed. Daughter Ophelia had brought to her a cute, small duck which had been given to her children as an Easter gift. The spacious farm-like yard around Grandma Weiler’s home seemed just the right spot for the baby duck to grow up. However, as it became older, very friendly and lax in its toilet habits, it continuously was in the way and messed up Grandma’s grass, walks, and back porch. Usually a light supper for Paul and family was waiting on the table upon their arrival from West Carrollton to Loveland after school. This particular evening the porch and walks were clean and the duck was missing from the outside, but appeared cooked in a dish on the supper table. Needless to say, we all suddenly lost our appetites!

–recounted by Ruby Weiler

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