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You are invited to visit my new Online Shop of cool products using my photographs. I have selected a few images from my collection that I thought would work well for phone cases and other products. I ordered an iPhone case using the hummingbird photo I took at my mom’s house a few years ago. I absolutely LOVE it.

Ever since Covid stopped my musician clients from performing, they can’t order CDs from me. So I thought I’d see if I can make some money selling my photography through the Zenfolio site that I use to host my photography. They offer built-in ecommerce, high quality printing and direct shipping, and I’ve been meaning to set this up for years anyway.

I am starting with a few product collections: Phone Cases, Jigsaw Puzzles, Mousepads, Mugs, and of course Prints. Zenfolio offers excellent framing services or you can just order flat prints.

If you don’t see an image in a product collection that you like, you can browse my main gallery and order any of them as any product. I have a wide variety of cute animals, flowers, beautiful landscapes, and abstracts to choose from. I plan to add other products soon and I have a backlog of photos on my computer that I need to edit and upload. NOTE: Some images may not work well for the shape/size of a certain product. You’ll have a chance to review and crop/reposition each item in your cart before ordering.

I appreciate your feedback about this. I’m still figuring out the best way to organize this, and there are a few issues with Zenfolio’s system I don’t like, but since I already subscribe to their service for my hosting and I like their quality and orders ship quickly, I will try to make it work.


I have created a special product list for family photos to order prints and other photo gifts. These albums are password protected. You can email me for access.
You can order prints of any of the photos. I created a special package of 10 8×10 prints.  Downloads are still free, although I would appreciate if you would consider a donation to the “cause” to help me keep the lights on and my Ancestry subscription paid.

I will be uploading a lot more photos soon. I’ll keep you posted.

Please share with friends and family. I appreciate your support!

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