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I discovered that multiple branches of my tree lived in North Side, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I was born at exactly the same time. They probably were riding on the same trolleys and shopping at the same stores.

  • Earnest Thornton and Helen Strawser, my paternal grandparents, moved to North Side Pittsburgh around 1929 to find work.
  • William Weiler and his daughter Louise Weiler (my maternal grandmother), moved to North Side Pittsburgh in 1927 to pastor a church on Ohio Street.
  • Homer Wagner (my maternal grandfather) moved to Pittsburgh to go to college in 1930.
  • Homer Wagner’s grandmother Nora Eckert was born in North Side (then called Allegheny City), but moved to Canton, Missouri, as a young woman to marry her husband. Homer was born in Canton.
  • The Eckert cousins still living in Pittsburgh lived on East Street, very near where the Weilers moved to. The Eckerts were butchers who had a thriving business in the growing city.
  • Homer met Louise Weiler.
  • Earnest’s son Paul met Homer and Louise’s daughter Lois.
  • I was later born in Pittsburgh on the North Side – my parents Paul and Lois were living on a houseboat on the Allegheny River at the time.

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