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I started a digital magazine! Over the last year, Covid shut down most of my music industry business. A couple months ago I came up with this idea as a way to take my business in a new direction, and self promote my design, photography and art director skills.

I just released the first issue today. It is kind of a family and friends edition, with features from my aunt Elly Wagner, cousin Morgan Wagner (Ryan’s wife), and one of my first donations from my cousin Staryn. Other content comes from friends Pat Jolly and Beth Patterson, and of course myself.

I hope you will subscribe (separate from this blog) and spread the word. And if you would like your art, writing, music or photography to be featured in a future issue, please submit something!

In our first issue:
• Photography of Pat Jolly
• Fiction of Beth W. Patterson
• Illustrations by Morgan Wagner
• Photography of Diana Thornton
• Photography and Poetry of Eleanor Wagner

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Please spread the word!

This publication is designed to be viewed on a tablet or computer
in any PDF reader or browser. Individual articles are posted on this site.

Thank you:
Beth Paxton, Morgan Wagner,
Larry Chiri, and Elly Wagner

and to my first two donors:
Graham Button and
Staryn Wagner.

Next issue:
02: Summer Solstice
June 21, 2021

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extra content,
sneak peeks and
Beth’s next chapters.

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