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My two trees have over 35,000 people going back 10+ generations. I have collected and scanned thousands of documents and photos.

This site has a ton of interesting articles and photos, and I’m trying to add more all the time.

Posts are categorized by Name, Place, and Topic and I have tried to provide numerous ways to find everything. There are a lot of hidden gems.

  • the very top menu for your family group (Wagner/Weiler or Thornton Strawser).
  • the menu below the main title for posts, topics etc.
  • the side menus change according to the page you are on and provide lists of different topics, places and posts.
  • the “Related Posts” at the bottom of each article. These are handpicked by me to guide you to similar articles.
  • To check new content since the last time you visited the site, see the “Recent Posts” menu in the lower right, or click on “All Posts” which are ordered most recent first.
  • Use the “search” to find specific names if you’re still lost.

Watch for the PDF downloads. These are extensive “chapters” I’ve been writing that are too long and involved for a single post. They are often quite large and have lots of photos. Even if you are not related to the person in the PDF, you may find it quite interesting.

If you want to explore the tree on Ancestry, let me know and I’ll send you an invitation from Ancestry (to be able to see living people).

My photo site has thousands of photos I’ve collected over the years. Please consider sending yours to add to it. Email me for the password.

In the meantime…


Please send me a few paragraphs about you and your immediate family for me to add to the collection. Items to include: full name, year born, marriage(s), children, occupation(s), schools, where you have lived, military service, parents, siblings, anything else you’d like to share with the family (interesting adventures, etc.)

Also, please consider getting your DNA tested through Ancestry . Even if you don’t have a tree, I can add it to mine, and it will provide us with more connections to cousins and verification of distant ancestors.

My phone number is 504-312-2354, and my email is Give me a call – let’s chat! And if you are in the New Orleans / South Mississippi area, we’d love for you to visit.

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