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The Thorntons lived in Pulaski County, Virginia. They loved to name their children after the presidents – George Washington, Monroe, Jefferson. During the 1800s it became popular to name children after popular or admired figures – George Washington was the most popular of all. Plus they lived in Virginia, so I’m sure they couldn’t help but be influenced. The generations go back hundreds of years.

The Thorntons experienced great tragedy that seemed to repeat itself – Nonie drowned at a young age leaving his widow with 3 boys to raise. Then she died of pneumonia leaving her sons to be raised by their grandparents and aunt. Nonie’s eldest son Earnest moved to Pittsburgh, but died at the age of 42 leaving his widow with four children to raise. Luckily she lived out a full life. However, her son, Paul, suffered from mental illness.

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Family names include:
Thornton, Strawser, Elkins, Martin
Graham, Larew, Knaggs, Boothe, Wolfe, Nine, O’Dell
Grimm, Bucklew, Lazalle, Shillingburg, Cunningham,
and others

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